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Fall in Love with Drift Girls

Fall in Love with Drift Girls

Please note, this is the *unofficial* wiki for Drift Girls and is a current work in progress. 

Help building this is appreciated!


Drift Girls is a racing game for iOS and Android devices, and was released on June 9, 2015 by Toast USA and NHN BlackPick.

Drift Girls is the first mobile app that introduces both racing and a dating simulator into one! These two aspects go hand-in-hand and create a seamless transition in the gameplay, in that girls directly affect the performance of cars during races, and cars have a mild effect on how well dates go.

Race to become the best drifter in the city, or show the skills you have against real people in World Tour. However, racing isn't the only thing that is allowed in the world of Drift Girls. Cute, beautiful, and smart girls are waiting for you to come and sweep them into a date.


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